Betting on the Masters in Michigan

When the world’s best golfers get set to tee off, viewers and bettors will follow. A signature, like the annual Masters Tournament, is no exception.

The world’s best golfers converge on Georgia’s Augusta National Golf Club for an incredibly exciting four days of action. The prestige and tradition of the event are well documented, and there are plenty of fans who view this as the best golf tournament of the year.

There are a whole host of twists and turns throughout the tournament, thrilling viewers. Even better, you can bet on what’s going down every step of the way. We’re going to show you how you can do so right here.

It’s now completely legal and safe to bet on golf in several states across the US, including right here in Michigan. In this complete how to bet on the Masters guide, we’ll tell you how to get started, explain what you can bet on, and share some tips you can use right away. Read on.

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How to bet on golf

It’s completely legal and safe to bet on golf in Michigan, but that hasn’t always been the case. If we rewind to May 2018, the Supreme Court of the United States teed up the legality of sports betting to the individual states.

A number have taken the ball since then, and the result is that they have thriving sports betting industries for their residents to enjoy. Here in Michigan, lawmakers passed legislation in late 2019, and sportsbooks opened for business the following year.

You can get started with betting on golf and other sports right away, but it’s a good idea to get a handle on how it all works first. Let’s walk through what you need to know, starting with how to read and understand the odds.

Masters golf betting odds

There are many different ways for you to bet on the Masters golf tournament, and each of them will have odds attached. We’ll run through all of the options in a bit. For now, let’s stick to the two most common odds listings you’ll come across for the tournament.

First up is the odds to win the whole thing. There’s an active futures market for this, which we’ll run through in a bit, but the odds will be more front and center come tournament time. Here’s what the listing might look like for a handful of favorites:

  • Rory McIlroy +700
  • Jon Rahm +850
  • Justin Thomas +1000

There will be odds listed for all golfers scheduled to compete, ranging from the favorites at the top of the board to the longshots down on the bottom. Naturally, the idea is to pick the winner, but you’ll also want to try to find them at the most appealing prices.

To that end, you can shop around and check the odds at multiple books. There could be shifts here and there based on market action, and little ticks of difference can have an impact on the bottom line.

Beyond the tournament winner, another popular facet of the odds board is for head-to-head matchups. Sportsbooks will pair up golfers and place odds on both sides. The job for handicappers is to pick which one will perform the best. Here’s what one listing might look like:

  • Phil Mickelson +110
  • Tiger Woods -120

As you can see, this is just like what you would find for a moneyline bet on a team-based sport. You can dig into this matchup in full detail and figure out which side will win. There will be several different pairings to consider, so study up and focus on the most intriguing ones.

Masters golf bet types

When the Masters is on tap, it’s a big deal in the world of sports betting, so choices will abound. Betting on the Masters golf tournament goes a lot further than just picking the winner. Here are the most popular types of bets that you’ll find Masters odds for:

  • Masters to win betting: This is the wager you can place on the outright winner of the tournament. There will be Masters odds posted for all golfers scheduled to compete. The goal is to find the winner at the most appealing odds possible.
  • Masters top finishers betting: You’ll find a few different bets in this category, such as a golfer to finish in the Top 5 or 10 when all is said and done. Once again, there will be odds for all in the field, so you can scan the board to find the bets you like best.
  • Masters head-to-head betting: Sportsbooks make the tournaments even more appealing for bettors by providing head-to-head matchups to consider. You get to break down the individual matchup and try to figure out which side will have a better tournament or round.
  • Masters each way betting: Each way bet allows you to cover several bases at once, such as a golfer to win or finish in the Top 10. This is a great bet to lean on when you have a good feel for someone in the field that looks poised to crush it.
  • Masters round leader betting: The Masters is a four-round tournament, so you’ll have opportunities to zero in on more specifics as opposed to the tournament as a whole. You want to find the top performer for the day.
  • Masters group betting: Group bets can also be referred to like 2 or 3 balls. This is a wager in which you’re trying to figure out which golfer will perform the best from a group of several golfers, such as three or four.
  • Masters golfer vs. field betting: For the bigger favorites in the tournament, you’ll have the opportunity to decide if they’ll win or if someone from the field will emerge to take it down. When you have a good read on the favorites, spend some time here.
  • Masters winning nationality betting: The Masters attracts the top players from across the globe. You can make the call on the nationality of the golfer to win it all. This is a fun bet which can also be potentially profitable if all goes your way.
  • Masters prop bets: Prop bets are side-wagers during the tournament. Offerings will vary, so keep your eyes peeled. For example, “Which golfer will card the most birdies in round two?”

The offerings are vast for Masters golf betting, but you don’t have to master them all at once. You can zero in on the types of bets that you like the best and work towards getting them down. We’ll cover some handicapping tips you can use to help you bet on the Masters golf tournament in a bit.

Live betting on Masters golf

Beyond the standard wagers, you can keep the excitement ratcheted up throughout the Masters by partaking in some live betting. These are bets you can place in real-time as the action unfolds on the course. It’s lots of fun and potentially profitable, but things move quickly.

A sports betting app is a fantastic way to stay on top of things as the tournament plays out. Masters odds and offerings will vary and be based on what’s going on, but here’s a peek at what you might see.

  • What will Brooks Koepka card on this hole: Eagle/Birdie/Par/Bogey?
  • How many shots to reach green for Jordan Spieth on hole four: 2/3/4?
  • Who will have the longest drive on hole eight: Patrick Reed or Adam Scott?

Live betting is yet another way that you can put your golf betting knowledge to the test, and hopefully, turn a profit for your efforts. However, a few notes of caution apply. The markets move quickly, so use patience and zero in on the offerings you like best. Also, approach live-betting with a clear budget in mind and stick to it like glue.

Masters golf futures market

The winner of the next Masters Tournament is an ongoing debate. You can weigh in and make the call on how you think things will shake out whenever you like. The golf futures market stays active all year round, and interest is very high for the four Majors on the docket.

  • Masters Tournament
  • British Open
  • US Open
  • PGA Championship

After the current year’s event is official, Masters odds for the next edition will be released soon thereafter. The board will include all golfers expected to compete. It’s usually listed in descending order with the favorites on top, followed by the mid-range plays, and longshots on the bottom. Here’s what the top of the list might look like upon release:

  • Rory McIlroy +800
  • Jon Rahm +1000
  • Brooks Koepka +1200

Bets will begin coming in right away, and that can lead the odds to move based on how the money flows. If the three favorites see a good deal of interest, then the odds could wind up looking like this.

  • Rory McIlroy +700
  • Jon Rahm +850
  • Brooks Koepka +1100

You’ll also want to check the prices at various sportsbooks as the odds can be different. The goal is to find the golfers you like at the best prices, so line shopping is a good idea. It’s also super simple in the current environment with legal online sportsbooks and mobile books there as needed.

There are several ways you can approach betting in the futures market. For example, you can place bets soon after the initial release and take a long-range view, or stay engaged all year round and look for line moves that you can pounce on.

Betting tips for Masters golf

No matter how you plan to bet on the Masters — outright winner, special bets, head-to-head, among others — you naturally want to put yourself in the best position possible to make your calls. Handicapping can help you get there, and there’s plenty of information to consider.

While working through the process, here are some helpful tips for betting on the Masters Tournament you can use to your advantage.

  • Course history: The iconic Augusta National Golf Club can bring out the best in some performers. Others? Not so much. While handicapping the field, be sure to spend a good deal of time on past results. Those who have excelled here in the past may do so again, while others who have fallen flat could deliver more of the same.
  • Recent performance: While athletes would love to be at the top of their game at all times, that’s just not possible. There will be peaks and valleys in performance throughout a season. When breaking down the Masters field, be sure to take the time to see how golfers you’re interested in have been faring in recent events.
  • Study odds and line moves: The futures market for the Masters stays active through the year, but there’s naturally a spike in interest as the tournament approaches. Be sure to pay attention to any big swings in the lines, as this can point you to where the money is flowing. That doesn’t mean that the bettors are right, but it does mean you should take a closer look.
  • Miscellaneous factors: There will be plenty of news and notes to consider while researching the Masters field, but keep your eyes peeled for really important tidbits. This can include intel on player injuries, off the course factors worth watching, and other notable storylines. Also, be sure to keep an eye on the weather forecast for the event.

Research and handicapping don’t work for everyone, and there’s nothing wrong with that. There are plenty of different ways to get to the same endpoint, including leaning on the research of sources you trust.

You won’t have a tough time finding breakdowns of the event and picking golfers who may excel. There are also picks of the paid variety to consider, but use caution and only do business with those who can back up their claims with demonstrable results.

History of Masters golf

The Masters Tournament was first established in 1934. There have been 83 annual editions since then except for three years amid World War II. Horton Smith won the inaugural event with a two-stroke victory over Craig Woods.

Here are some of the notable facts about one of the best golf tournaments on the calendar:

  • Location: Augusta National Golf Course in Augusta, GA
  • Course Stats: Par 72, 7,475 yards
  • Most Masters Wins: 6 (Jack Nicklaus)
  • Youngest Winner: Tiger Woods, 21 years and 104 days old in 1997
  • Most Runners-Up: Four (Ben Hogan, Tom Weiskopf, and Jack Nicklaus)
  • Most Appearances: 52 (Gary Player)
  • Lowest Tournament Score: 270 (Tiger Woods in 1997, Jordan Spieth in 2015)
  • Course Round Record: 63 (Nick Price in 1986, Greg Norman in 1996)

Interest is always through the roof for the Masters, and it only seems to be increasing with each passing year. Here’s a look at how the last 10 editions of this signature event have played out:

YearWinnerTo ParRunner-UpTo Par
2019Tiger Woods-13D Johnson, B Koepka, X Schauffele-12
2018Patrick Reed-15Rickie Fowler-14
2017Sergio Garcia-9Justin Rose (Lost playoff)-9
2016Danny Willett-5J. Spieth, L. Westwood-2
2015Jordan Spieth-18P. Mickelson, J. Rose-14
2014Bubba Watson-8J. Blixt, J. Spieth-5
2013Adam Scott-9A Cabrera (Lost playoff)-9
2012Bubba Watson-10L. Oosthuizen (Lost playoff)-10
2011Charl Schwartzel-14J. Day, A. Scott-12
2010Phil Mickelson-16Lee Westwood-13

A playoff has been needed three times over the past decade to decide the winner of the Masters. Last time around, Woods pulled out a thrilling one-stroke victory to win his fifth green jacket and first since 2005.

We’ll patiently wait and see what this year’s event brings, but we can say one thing for certain: the field will be loaded as we get set to enjoy four days of golf at one of the best venues the sport has to offer.

Masters Golf Tournament FAQ

Yes, this has happened only three times in the history of the Masters. Here are the golfers who managed to pull it off:

  • Jack Nicklaus – 1965 and 1966
  • Nick Faldo – 1989 and 1990
  • Tiger Woods – 2001 and 2002

Woods has won it all at Augusta five times with the last of his victories coming in 2019. It was the first time he won the Masters since 2005. The victory set the mark for the longest span between green jacket wins at 14 years. He’s second on the all-time list for Masters victories behind Jack Nicklaus, who won the event six times.

Tiger Woods set the all-time mark with a 12-stroke victory over runner-up Tom Kite in 1997. Woods also set the mark for the youngest golfer to win the event that year. Jack Nicklaus is second on the margin of the victory list. In 1965, he won the Masters by nine strokes over second-place finishers Arnold Palmer and Gary Player.

This has happened 17 times in Masters history, the last three of which occurred over the past decade. The most recent time was in 2017 when Sergio Garcia and Justin Rose were tied at the end of regulation. Garcia would go on to win the playoff round.

This is a pretty lengthy list as 17 golfers have won the Masters multiple times. Only three of them were able to pull it off in consecutive years: Jack Nicklaus, Nick Faldo, and Tiger Woods. Here are the players atop the all-time leaderboard for wins at the Masters:

  • 6: Jack Nicklaus
  • 5: Tiger Woods
  • 4: Arnold Palmer
  • 3: Jimmy Demaret, Nick Faldo, Arnold Palmer, Gary Player, and Sam Snead
  • 2: Seve Ballesteros, Ben Crenshaw, Ben Hogan, Bernhard Langer, Byron Nelson, Jose Maria Olazabal, Horton Smith, Bubba Watson, Ben Watson