PointsBet Online Sportsbook Review & Promo Code

Updated November 2022
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  • Large, widely varied bonus range.
  • Huge variety of betting options.
  • Fair and trustworthy- established its reputability in New Jersey and Pennsylvania
  • One of the fastest growing sportsbooks in the U.S.

PointsBet is not only the latest online sportsbook to enter Michigan, it is also the only one of its kind to ever do so. It is unique because the sportsbook does not just incorporate PointsBet as its brand moniker. Alongside the standard betting features, it also offers a high-risk/high-reward option — the so-called PointsBet feature.

The PointsBet feature offers you a chance at a do-over with your first two bets, up to $2,000!

PointsBet hopes to convince you to open a sportsbook account not just by offering you a great sportsbook welcome bonus, but by offering you one that would specifically allow you to experience the challenge of using its PointsBet betting feature. As a result, you can claim two sign-up bonuses of up to $2,000, and, yes, you can claim both simultaneously.

If this is not enough to convince you to become a member, then PointsBet offers one of the most comprehensive sports ranges to bet on in the state. This includes all the most popular local sports, covering entire seasons of MLB and the NFL, NHL, NBA, and PGA, along with a slew of innovative new bet types to make it even more interesting.

Got your interest? There’s loads more to find out below …

PointsBet welcome offer in Michigan

New members in Michigan can claim two sportsbook welcome bonuses simultaneously in the form of risk free bets that reach up to $2,000. Here is how they work:

When you sign up for PointsBet, you will need to enter this promo code: BETBONUS

After you enter this code, you will be eligible to receive these two risk free bet offers:

  • Receive up to $500 Back If You Lose Your First Fixed Odds Bet
  • Receive up to $1,500 Back If You Lose Your First PointsBetting Wager

Another great thing about it is that the risk-free bets allow you the freedom to try out a whole load of innovative bet types that are brand new to Michigan. Who knows? You just might discover these new bet options hold something special for you, and, with this sportsbook welcome offer, you do not have to take any risks whatsoever if you want to try them out.

PointsBet Sportsbook Promo Code 2022

Online SportsbookPointsBet Sportsbook
Total BonusRisk Free Bets up to $2,000
Part 1 of BonusUp to $500 Back If You Lose Your First Fixed Odds Bet
Part 2 of BounsUp to $1,500 Back If You Lose Your First PointsBetting Wager
Online Since2020
Last VerifiedNovember 2022

PointsBet promotions and offers

For such a young sportsbook, PointsBet features an extraordinary number of alternative promotional offers and special bonuses. So it will be ages before you get bored here. Plus, it regularly revises the promotions, always to add extra interest.

  • Charles Schwab Challenge in-play risk-free bets: If your first hole-by-hole player performance market in-play single cash bet on days one and four of the Charles Schwab Challenge loses, you get your stake returned to your account as a free bet credit.
  • La Liga Crowd Booster — you pick the boost: For each 100 additional bets, PointsBet offers a Crowd Booster where it continues increasing prices in the bettor’s favor.
  • Double winnings on your La Liga in-play singles bets: PointsBet will pay out your combined winnings across each Matchday 28 as double winnings in free bets to a maximum of $100 per day.
  • Trivia Thursdays reward 3 x $100 winners: Each Thursday, PointsBet will post three trivia questions on its official Twitter page. Answer them correctly before the time runs out, and you will receive a $100 free bet!
  • If one leg fails on a four-leg parlay, receive a refund of up to $25: Only your first qualifying parlay for the day becomes eligible, and only if one leg loses, no more!
  • Parlay Booster — it is your choice — new and exclusive: The brand-new Parlay Booster feature will allow you to construct a parlay containing three legs or more and boost that parlay’s final price yourself. You can use any market that you can parlay and apply the Parlay Booster, no minimum or maximum price. PointsBet leaves it up to you.
  • PointsBet offers in-play parlays — new feature: PointsBet members asked and they received; now they can compile in-play parlays with legs filled with events played live right at that moment.
  • PointsBet — risk-free up to $100: PointsBet wagers ensure your games remain full of excitement right up to the last moment, and your first PointsBet is always risk-free to a maximum of $100.
  • No free bet rollover requirements: Having fielded so many promotional bonuses, PointsBet made certain that members do not have to try to keep track of confusing rollover requirements. It did so by imposing a simple 1x rollover requirement on all deposits and bonuses. Thing is, it only did so to make certain you remain compliant with the law!
  • Rewards on every bet: At PointsBet you earn a reward point with each $5 fixed odds, each $1 parlay and each $1 lost or won with PointsBet wagers, so the more you bet, the higher the rewards you could earn.
  • Daily Karma Kommittee: Each day at 7 a.m. the Karma Kommittee meets at PointsBet, and its purpose is to look at and discuss the previous day’s injustices inflicted on its members. If necessary, it will authorize a Good Karma payout where the affected bettors receive a free bet refund.
  • Daily parlay and player booster odds: Available daily as regular event page updates.
  • Cash-out feature: Available on fixed odds, pre-match singles featured on most markets (but not all), this allows players to sell their bet slips back to PointsBet at strategic moments prior to the natural conclusion of a match or event. If sold, you will immediately get your money credited to your player account, allowing you to place more wagers or request a withdrawal.
  • You name a bet, and PointsBet will price it: If you encounter a market not currently offered for any current sports event, tweet PointsBet at @PointsBetUSA, and it will create a price for you.

What makes PointsBet sportsbook great?

  • 100% legal in Michigan — received licensing approval from the Michigan Gaming Control Board.
  • Large, widely varied bonus range.
  • Fair and trustworthy — established its reputability in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.
  • Huge variety of betting options.
  • New ways to bet — large variety of innovative new betting types.
  • One of the fastest growing sportsbooks in the US.

How to create an account at PointsBet Michigan

Once you have looked at and considered all the benefits a PointsBet membership has to offer, you will probably want to join many other Michigan residents and open an account. Start off by navigating to the PointsBet.com homepage, and select the red “sign up” button located in the top-right corner to open your application document. To complete the document and your membership application, you must submit some of your personal details. The reason is mainly to protect you and the company from potential fraudsters and remain on the correct side of local and international law.

PointsBet will need your following details:

  • Full birth names
  • Email address
  • Username
  • Secure password
  • Mobile number
  • Full residential address
  • Gender
  • Date of birth
  • Social Security number
  • Accept company terms and conditions

PointsBet Sportsbook app

As with its full-sized website and in addition to its mobile browser-based virtual version, PointsBet also features two award-worthy dedicated apps developed to provide a mobile sportsbook experience to Android and iOS owners.

All three mobile solutions offer unequaled speed and performance matched to what the company touts as one of the most user-friendly interfaces around. PointsBet is a thoroughly modern sportsbook, which is made abundantly clear considering several of its innovative features first became available via its mobile apps and only became available on PC a few days later.

All three mobile access solutions continued to provide fast, flawless service throughout and seemed capable of doing so indefinitely. The interface is remarkably like that experienced on desktop, aside from the expected full optimization program allowing it to make best use of all touch-screen features and benefits offered by fingertip controls.

How to download PointsBet iOS app

Downloading the app onto your iPhone or iPad is easily done via the PointsBet homepage. Simply find the iOS download logo on the PointsBet page, follow the prompts, and the app will be ready for use.

How to download PointsBet Android app

Android users must get the app from PointsBet itself since it is not available on Google Play. So use your preferred mobile browser to open the PointsBet homepage. If you are not immediately presented with the option to install the PointsBet app, scroll to the bottom of the main menu, tap on the “Download App” link there and select the “Download for Android” button when it appears.

All should go well; the install should complete, allowing you to log in. If a security message interrupts proceedings midway, open the security setting on your phone, scroll to Privacy and enable the “Install from other sources” option, and select the continue option from your notification window. If you do not see an option to continue, restart the process and it will complete successfully.

How to Navigate the PointsBet app

Aside from its quite obvious dark overtones (even more deep blacks than on most others), one of the most prominent features you will notice about the PointsBet desktop or mobile versions is the relative lack of everything you would normally expect to see on a sportsbook homepage. You do not see the usual bevy of menus; in fact, you do not even see a main menu.

In addition to the company name at the top-left of the page, also off to the left it offers you a hamburger menu icon, buttons to log in and sign up, and a promo brief. To see the main menu, you first need to reveal it by selecting the hamburger icon or hovering over it.

This completely uncluttered look is also the reason for its success. The company is quick to point out that it offers one of the fastest and most user-friendly apps in the industry today. Part of the secret behind its speed is that the simplicity of its interface leaves oodles of device resources free to quickly perform any additional tasks you may desire. Unlike other modern online sportsbooks that have also adopted a dark-themed interface, the simplified dark interface also offers truly little in the way of large and colorful scrolling banners, which consumes even less energy and resources.

However, the site instantly comes alive once you open the main menu since it’s large, smoothly scrollable categories and destinations offer direct access to virtually anywhere and everywhere in or on the PointsBet website. Once again, the main menu’s simplicity ensures reading it is fast, making finding your preferred sport or event is quicker, easier, and simpler. The designers finished the icons in red while they once again kept to easy-to-read white text on the black main menu backdrop.

In all instances of sports events tested, pages loaded very quickly and remained error-free for the duration of our time.

PointsBet online sportsbook features

PointsBet not only utilizes the latest tech to ensure its success, it offers one of the most comprehensive varieties of sports in Michigan. It will continue to expand on its available selection as federal and state law continues to evolve.

Sports events and odds

PointsBet already offers complete season coverage of local US, European, and other key annual international events, and to provide you with the most conveniently familiar overview, you can display the odds as decimal, fractional or American.

Currently featured sports include:

Bet types — pre-match/futures betting

As you may have deduced at this stage, PointsBet is all about offering unique and innovative new ways to bet on sports. It also, however, features a comprehensive range of standard bet types such as:

To build on its reputation for innovation in the field of betting, PointsBet also offers exclusively unique wagers like:

  • Player rush yards vs. player receive yards
  • Quarterback completion %
  • Second to first touchdown
  • Time to player first basket
  • Player shoot %

There are tons of other exclusive and unique betting options.

Live betting

One thing you can be certain of at PointsBet is that in all possible cases and all events where the sportsbook has taken futures, they will feature as in-play events to bet on. Even here, the innovative new types of bets continue, like taking in-play parlays on live events.

Variable odds betting

In contrast to placing wagers on events offering fixed odds, the PointsBet option allows you to place wagers on events where the odds continue to vary right up to the very dying moment of a match or event. The risks are decidedly higher, but so are the payoffs.

If you stake $10 for the total points of a game to be 200 or more, and the match concludes with a total score of 220, then the spread difference acts as a winnings multiplier, meaning you win 20 x $10 = $200! However, the opposite is also true; your $10 stake can turn into a $50 loss if the final total score is 195, which is five less than your prediction. 

PointsBet banking options

PointsBet made certain that Michigan residents are never left without a convenient way to fund their sportsbook account. It offers the following internationally recognized and trusted banking methods:

Deposits and withdrawals

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Online banking
  • PayPal
  • Casino cash cage
  • ACH/e-check

Contacting customer support

Despite its youth, the company has become hugely successful and has gained a reputation for providing good customer service, with the company continually striving to provide ever greater service. You have several routes of communication open to you 24/7 to resolve any queries you may have. These include email, live chat and an extensive FAQ section.

Contact Details:

  • Live chat: Yes, 24/7
  • Email: Yes, integrated

Privacy and security at PointsBet

Bound by international, US federal and state privacy laws, PointsBet stores all member data collected during registration on firewalled, secure servers located within state borders. Bound by much the same set of legal requirements, the company employs the latest in SSL encryption software to protect all communications between the website and members.

History of PointsBet sports betting

PointsBet originates from Australia, but became one of the fastest growing online sportsbooks in the US since its local launch in New Jersey during January 2019. Its success soon saw it expanding to other states like Iowa, Illinois, Colorado and now Michigan.

As a thoroughly modern operation, the sportsbook takes a slightly different approach to betting. It prefers to listen to customer feedback and inputs about what users want or prefer to see in sports betting and bet options and then aims to give it to them.